Dr. Jessica Huizenga Is An Excellent Educator

June 08, 2015
Dr. Jessica Huizenga is an educator who has a love for instruction. She is passionate about her career because it is something she feels called to do. Dr. Jessica Huizenga has been able to carry her passion for education and instruction because she was born to do it. Dr. Huizenga is a wonderful educator who has, over the course of her career, shown that she has what it takes in order to be conducive to effective classes and schools.

Currently, Dr. Jessica Huizenga is serving as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment with the Cambridge Public Schools in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The position that Dr. Jessica Huizenga holds is about maintaining rigorous standards for instruction and ensuring that everything is completed the right way by the administration.

Dr. Jessica Huizenga has previous experience as a Middle School and High School teacher, a department chair, a school administrator, and a district administrator. These are roles that she has held over the last eighteen years of her career. She has worked all over the country and has learned a great deal about the education system during this time. Dr. Jessica Huizenga has a passion for helping children by helping them to achieve their maximum potential.